This blog is designed to record the findings of our family history, mainly for the benefit of the family, and to document the dead ends, the breakthroughs and the journey.
I’ll post the family stories as I’ve written them to now, and I’ll be grateful to anyone who can add further information or pictures, or point out errors.
Particular thanks to my sister Julia and my cousin Mandy who between them have done much more of the work than I have.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

The great greats

I'm about to start filling the gaps in the stories of the great great grandparents. There are of course 16 of them.  Some of them , like Samuel Hamlet, James Timmins, William Jasper and James Morris the chainmaker, we know something about. We even have two photographs of James Morris, but the others, especially the women need a deeper look. The sixteen are:

Samuel Hamlet and Sarah Whitehouse
William Mills and Elizabeth Webb
James Timmins and Ann Worrall
Thomas Cotterill and Hannah Tompkinson

Benjamin Billingham and Harriet Easthope
William Jasper and Mirah Edwards
James Morris and Sarah Little
William Perry and Elizabeth Partridge

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