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Friday, 29 March 2013

Dad's letter from Burma

My cousin Ann recently showed me a letter that my father wrote to her parents from Burma when she was born. It's language and tone show that these soldiers were really just boys.

This is actual size

To Mr & Mrs A Hawthorne
19 Poplar Grove
Burlington Road
West Bromwich
England                                                                                                26-6-44
5523158 Gnr Hamilton J                                                 7/4th Field Rgt RA
                                                                                                c/o SEAC
Dear Arthur and Dorrie
CONGRATULATIONS. Although my regards have to travel from a remote spot of our great(?) empire, nevertheless they mean just the same. I hope the event was celebrated in the traditional manner, you know “Gulp!, guzzle! Fill ‘em up again” it really was a surprise to me, nobody tells me these things. Am I really too young? I hope the baby isn’t too old before I can see it ---she of course. If it is not too old I shall be out of this place “pretty quickly”. And if you don’t give your first daughter a name I don’t approve of, expect a nasty letter. (Don’t get me wrong, I never mentioned Betty). Speaking of Betty she tells me she is going to your place to take the baby out. I hope she hasn’t got any ideas. How do you like my future mother-in-law. Alright isn’t she. Wait till you meet the old man> he is a good old stick too, but for God’s sake don’t come in contact with the other prospective son-in-law of the Billingham family. He stinks. Set my two mad young brothers on him for me.
That’s the lot. Best of luck. Syd.

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