This blog is designed to record the findings of our family history, mainly for the benefit of the family, and to document the dead ends, the breakthroughs and the journey.
I’ll post the family stories as I’ve written them to now, and I’ll be grateful to anyone who can add further information or pictures, or point out errors.
Particular thanks to my sister Julia and my cousin Mandy who between them have done much more of the work than I have.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Problems with family trees

One of the major difficulties for me has been in constructing the, now rather complicated, family tree. Julia and I bought some very large scrolls at the West Midlands Family History Fair last year, and one day I will get round to filling mine in.
Of course Find My Past  and Ancestry both provide very good on line family tree builders and I have some software  called Family Tree Maker, but I have difficulty in bringing any of these into a Word document in order to make them part of the family stories as I publish them. I’ve also tried constructing them as an organisation chart in PowerPoint, but again with limited success. The answer must be somewhere.

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