This blog is designed to record the findings of our family history, mainly for the benefit of the family, and to document the dead ends, the breakthroughs and the journey.
I’ll post the family stories as I’ve written them to now, and I’ll be grateful to anyone who can add further information or pictures, or point out errors.
Particular thanks to my sister Julia and my cousin Mandy who between them have done much more of the work than I have.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

And the next Morris photograph is...

This is great grandfather James Morris the jeweller in his workshop. He looks to be in his early 60s to me so perhaps in the late 1920s. This fits with the date of the photograph of his father in my previous post and a lovely picture of Gladys Morris's wedding to William Rowlands, which was in 1926. Julia is busy trying to identify the bridesmaids, one of whom looks very like my cousin Geraldine, another great grandchild of James the Jeweller. it would make sense if the box of photographs that has been found all date to the same era. I'd love to know what Rosehannah looked like but I expect we never will.

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